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in Quinn Hall

The Holy Rosary

Rooted in Sacred Scripture, the Rosary has been called the Gospel in miniature. Beautiful music is blended with subtle voices as the  symphony of prayers of this timeless treasure is presented by   Matthew Arnold so that all can participate. The recitation of this traditional Catholic prayer honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary is  perfect for personal use in private meditation or for family devotions.


In Our Store

in Quinn Hall


Bible Study


 On the Book of Revelation begins Tuesday in Quinn Hall after the noon Mass.

Please read chapter 1 in advance.


Catholic Adult Education 


Has Begun! at 10.00 - 10:30 AM, in the library.  Mike Anders and Charlie Hall will facilitate the 10-week DVD series "Catholicism" by Bishop Barron for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.  The same session will re-run on Tuesdays at 7:00 PM.



LightHouse Catholic Media CDs


available in Quinn Hall.  They cover a variety of topics about our Catholic Faith


In Our Store

in Quinn Hall

Urgent Help Needed

Our Seminarian needs a little more  help with donations

Please Purchase a CD for $20.00 all goes to his cost












               Becky and I visited with Phillip last week during the “Family Week-end” at Mount St. Mary’s Seminary. He is doing very well and is extremely happy  beginning his formation to the priesthood. While we were there we learned the seminarians have been asked to help make up a budget short fall by donating or soliciting donations of $750 per seminarian. Phillip did not mention this when he was at OLOG three weeks ago as he is so appreciative of all the support we have given him he is reluctant to ask for additional help. So, since I believe that is what grandfathers are for, I am only providing the information that envelopes are available for any donation you may feel inclined to give; and for a donation of $20 or more a CD of hymns sung by the Mount St. Mary’s Seminary Choir will be yours as a token of appreciation.   

Thank you and may God continue to bless our wonderful parish.   Joe


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