Father Joseph's Farewell Gathering

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Farewell Letter From

Our Lady 0f Grace Parishoners 

Dear Father Joseph:


God's people of Our Lady of Grace Parish are grateful He sent you to shepherd us for the past three years.   During your time with us, you have contributed greatly to our spiritual growth and material well-being.  You led in the revitalization of our Parish and Financial Councils.  You guided in the expansion and enrichment of our Parish's ministries programs. You re-instituted a vigorous RCIA program.  You began a series of regular pilgrimages to nearby religious sites. You supported and guided the revitalization of our youth and adult education programs. You supported and assisted in the establishment of a calendar of yearly parish spiritual and maintenance activities.  You reinstated our yearly Parish picnic.  And, perhaps most important, you instituted an annual ping-pong tournament, in order to accumulate a large number of trophies.  For all this, and more, we are grateful and thank the Lord.


As you move on, and we are sure up, we want you to know that, in this world, one passes through places, but remains in hearts.  You will remain in our hearts and, we hope, we will remain in yours. 


We hope that our parting gift will one day bring your mother to see the vineyard in which you labor.   If this is not possible, we are sure you will use our gift for the greater glory of our Lord and Savior.


Dominus vobiscum.