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Letter from Fr Joseph


Thank you very much


I would like to thank you all my dear people at Our Lady of Grace in Romney for the three wonderful years of my stay over there.  I was always very proud to say to my friends how beautiful the community was at Our Lady of Grace and how I loved saying Masses in that pretty little church.  Your participation at the liturgy by responding to the prayers and singing the hymns was the highlight of my stay over there.  It was always a full house participation that came from the heart.  And I always enjoyed it.  When a community is liturgically very active, thats the best thing a priest can get in his life.  All of you were full of love, concern and care for me although I was a little different in every way from all of you and I never missed my home or my mom or my family when I was there.  My last couple of weeks, I was so deeply touched and overwhelmed to see and hear how much more you had loved me.  I cannot thank you enough for the tears, words of love and appreciation, and for the extremely generous gift you gave me to bring my mom over here.  It has been a little over a month that I have been gone, I still do and will miss you everyday.  You have a very special place in my heart and you are all in my prayers.  Please keep me in your prayers and may be we will see each other again somewhere.

Thank you. Love.  Father Joseph.

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