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Fourth Annual Fr. Joseph Augustine

Pentecost Ping Pong Tournament 2015


The Fr. Joseph Augustine Pentecost Ping Pong & Pasta Event was held at Our Lady of Grace Church on May 23. The tournament this year was named in honor of its founding priest who was pastor at the church until this year. The “Pasta” addition to the title stems from the dinner served by the Knights of Columbus. On kitchen duty were Giovanni and Luigi Mazzeo, Herberto Adrian and Leonardo Martin.



Play began in the Paddlers bracket (youth)with first round victories by Margaret Sweet and Aidan Szabo. Aidan, the only player to win a championship in all four years of the tournament, took home the Paddlers trophy by defeating Margaret in a spirited championship contest.

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As Champion of the Paddlers bracket, Aidan, age 12, was invited to play in the Grups division(mostly old men), beginning against Len Martin, of uncertain age. Len succumbed to the slashing backhand slams of the more agile player.

In other first round matches Rick Corbett squeaked by Tim McDougle 23-21, Phil Gallery surprised Jeff Woofter, the whole hall and himself by winning, and Joe Szabo won a slow motion match against S.L. Sweet.


Drawing byes in the first round, Gene Williams, Tony Prickler, Herb Adrian and Matt McGlothin all lost in the second round. Many of the second round winners were too exhausted to continue, leaving the field to Rick and Phil. Phil, who won the championship over a tiring Rick Corbett, was heard to murmur something about, “bring on Ed”, which is believed to have been a reference to his thrashing last year by Ed Morgret.


Instead of Ed, Fr. Bill Matheny, the new pastor of Our Lady of Grace, arrived in time to play an exhibition against Phil. For some reason, Phil forgot that points are won by returning your opponents shots, and Fr. Bill was able to claim moral rights to the first place trophy. Phil, however, refused to relinquish it and was last seen driving away with the trophy held out the car window.


Romney has seen better ping pong, but Marios and Italian Touch should be glad a new restaurant will not be opened by the Knights of the Kitchen.   

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